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the ferguson police do not speak for the entire united states police system. yes, there are corrupt officers, and yes, some cities have an entire pd that’s fucked-up, but there are a lot of officers all over the country doing excellent work and actively trying to protect their communities. a few assholes do not speak for the entire group.

Okay but where are all the “”“good cops”“” in the current situation with what’s going on??

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i’m black first and foremost. my people have priority over anything you think this blog may be about

Y’all want me to trust white people and they out here doing nasty shit like this
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Y’all want me to trust white people and they out here doing nasty shit like this

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"My dad is a police man and he would never do something like this" that’s nice let me know when you’ve pulled your head out of your deep asshole and we can talk about this whole "not all cops" bullshit but oh wait ! it doesn’t exist !

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Anonymous said: Why are you fucking generalizing all police officers just because of this? My dad is a police man and he would never do anything like this. Fricking Christ.

Okay but what you’re failing to understand is that it’s not just because of this it’s because of every other single fucking thing that police have done to people. Have you ever been followed around in a store just because you were black?? I have. You ever been stared at funny when you go into a predominantly white neighborhood?? I have. You ever been the only black kid in your class in school?? I have. But you haven’t, and I think it’s really amusing to see you come into my inbox and tell me to “stop generalizing” a certain group of people when white people have been doing that EXACT thing for god knows how long and you and I both know they won’t ever stop. So why don’t you cut the fucking bullshit and grow the fuck up just because the police are getting shit now for what they did. They’re fucking disgusting human beings and I don’t trust them.

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Anonymous said: "here come the butthurt white anons" uh i happen to be white and i am not butthurt over this. why is it always about whites why is it always directed towards whites

I think the real question here is, when is is ever NOT about whites?? When is it ever NOT directed towards whites?? You want special treatment or a pat on the back or something you fuckface?? Walk outside and look around, because none of this is affecting you in the same way it’s affecting poc so you can cry your bitch ass white tears somewhere else.

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Anonymous said: Excuse me cops do their jobs actually

Oh yeah definitely. I remember this one story I saw on the news, about a disabled man in a wheelchair who was in the park and happened to accidentally run over a police man’s foot so the police officer proceeded to push the disabled man over out of his wheelchair and then walked away because he got his foot hurt. Yep, cops do their jobs all right.

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Anonymous said: just because the cops are white doesn't mean they can't fire them

You really believe that don’t you?? Let me tell you something. Imagine any scenario where a police officer has been suspended for doing something gross and fucking disgusting, but they haven’t been fired. What are they?? White. Now imagine if that police officer was black or any other person of color. What do you think would happen to them then?? It’s not the same fucking outcome, hate to break it to you sweetie. It does matter what color they are.

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